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  • The Legislative Committee meets monthly to discuss legislative issues, Federal, State and Local, which could have an impact on businesses located in League City, the counties of Galveston or Harris, who make up our membership. The Committee discusses these issues and recommends actions to the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, which are conveyed to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for action. 

    Committee members should be engaged and interested in legislative issues and are passionate about supporting and advocating for business in our community. 

    Committee members may be asked to volunteer their time to attend local government meetings such as Commissioner’s Court, and City Council meetings. Also, attending sponsored functions sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce such as community meetings, luncheons, coffees and breakfasts to show your support for issues that the Chamber may be advocating for, to grow business and support business initiatives. You may be also asked to call in person or communicate with State and Federal official’s via telephone or email to show your support or non-support for issues of importance deemed by the committee. From time to time, you may be asked to assist in procuring sponsors and participating in fundraising. 

  • Voter Registration Information Voter Registration Information

    CLICK HERE to go to the Galveston County voter registration information page.